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The Big Update

If you haven't heard, a couple weeks ago Tactera was named "Best VR Game" at the Casual Connect Indie Prize! I'm happy to report that the game is now even better, since I've just deployed a major update on the Gear VR store. Best of all, to celebrate, the game is 10% off for the next week! This is probably the biggest single update that the game will receive, and it feels good to smooth out some of the game's rough edges. Aside from basic bug fixes, here's what's new:

- Higher difficulty levels. This update introduces "hard" and "expert" AI, which you can try out any time in Skirmish mode. They're not perfect, but they're significantly more challenging than the old "normal" AI! On top of that, there are now "hard" and "expert" campaign modes, which will unlock after you beat the campaign. These modes will employ the new AI and will give the enemy a few advantages on the campaign map. Beating the game is a now a much taller order.

- Skirmish while waiting for a match in multiplayer. Doing multiplayer in real-time indie games is always tricky, since it's tough to ensure that there will be enough players available to act as opponents at any given time. Although there are some folks who are still playing multiplayer (one of whom crushed me in a series of matches last week), it's a pain to wait around for opponents to show up. So, from now on, you'll be able to play Skirmish battles against the AI while you wait for opponents to become available. No more wasted time!

- Improved graphics and audio. The Missile and Orbital Strike now each get a special base model of their own, and bases will flash and change color to reflect boosting and upgrading. Plus, you'll near new effects for artillery fire and some UI sounds.

Here's a short video that shows a bit of what's in store:

I played a lot of Tactera while preparing this update, and I'm more proud of it than ever. I think this update will be an improvement for newbies and veterans alike!

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